Solutions for Enterprise Businesses 

First American offers a wide range of equipment finance options to fit the needs of City National Bank clients.

Our close industry alignments help us understand emerging trends that are important to you, which in turn allows us to provide leading-edge solutions. Our knowledge and experience gives us the unique ability to customize projects based on your company’s specific needs. 


Technology Financing Solutions

Today’s fast moving marketplace requires a lender who can finance equipment and software, consulting and other soft costs.

Solar Financing

If you pay more than $25,000 in utility bills and own your building (or are in a long term lease), you may benefit from solar panel financing.


Aircraft Financing

The finest aircraft financing, customized for U.S. high net worth individuals and corporate entities.

Entertainment & Media Financing

Top performers are using the best to create the best. That means maintaining up-to-date technology and software, using modern facilities, and using the best production equipment available. 


Ports & Logistics Financing

Gain a competitive edge with financing for state-of-the-art transportation, material handling and technology equipment.

Office Build-Out Solutions

Diversify funding sources, distribute costs over time, and minimize taxes by financing your office renovations with First American.

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TRAC Leases

Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) Leases provide very low rate financing for vehicles.

Looking for more inspiration? Find examples of commonly leased equipment here.

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