Student Technology Renewal Program

To stay competitive and attract new students, IT services must continue to find new ways to meet higher student expectations, which is not a simple task. With high pressure and limited resources, it is critical to establish a good foundation of support for core services that allow growth and access to the latest, most innovative technology for students. Technology Renewal Programs take a proactive approach to IT services by adding consistency and predictability to technology upgrades, creating technology equality for students.

These programs are perfect for equipment such as tablets, laptops and desktop computers, giving your school the benefit of a proactive strategy that reduces costs, creates a consistent budget and eliminates the end of useful life chaos.

Other Asset Renewal Programs:

Faculty & Staff Technology
Network Equipment
Lab & Medical Equipment
Fitness Equipment

Featured Stories: Student Technology Programs


Enabling Student Learning Through...

Success Story: Whitfield School

Whitfield School, a private, independent 6-12 grade school has been an early adopter of technology for many years. However, with the fast...

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Enabling Student Learning Through New 1:1 Program

Addressing Challenges of 1:1 Program

Success Story: St. John's College High School

Partnering to increase the use of technology in the classroom by implementing an innovative 1:1 iPad program for students.

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Addressing Challenges of 1:1 Program

Facing Rapidly Changing Technology

Success Story: University of the Arts

Implementing a sustainable technology lease and return program to keep the school up to date without having to sell or store the older...

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Facing Rapidly Changing Technology