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When making financial decisions, strategic financing can be one of the most tactical approaches in your arsenal, helping schools save money and balance budgets. It also allows institutions to stay current with things like technology, and can even improve learning outcomes. We know each school faces different budget challenges, so we take the time to understand your individual project needs. If cash flow is limited or if it is more strategic to keep your cash for other purchases, financing can be a great way to spread payments out over a few years for projects that need to be done today. See why more than 700 schools have selected First American for their critical campus project needs.

Customized Financing Solutions for All Project Types


To stay competitive and attract new students, IT services must continue to find new ways to meet higher student expectations, which is not a simple task. With high pressure and limited resources, it is critical to establish a good foundation of support for core services that allow growth and access to the latest, most innovative technology for students. Technology Renewal Programs take a proactive approach to IT services by adding consistency and predictability to technology upgrades, creating technology equality for students.

Technology needs for faculty and staff are often overlooked as many schools settle for longer replacement cycles. However, it is critical to provide faculty and staff with modern technology in order for them to properly educate students. Upgrading technology for faculty and staff through a Technology Renewal Program can have a huge impact on the overall effectiveness in the classroom and give your school the benefit of a proactive technology strategy with transparent replacement cycles, lower costs and a consistent budget.

Without sufficient network equipment there is a high risk of service interruption, which causes frustration in teaching and disruption in learning. Budget challenges often prevent IT departments from getting the equipment necessary to improve this experience. A Network Renewal Program that keeps equipment current, allows greater access on the network and keeps your school ahead of increasing demand, reducing the risk of service interruptions and overall improvement to the network experience.

Software systems, including ERP, often pose a challenge for institutions due to the large, upfront costs and constant maintenance required. However, many schools are unaware you can actually finance these costs to make these projects more management. A custom finance solution with fixed, predictable monthly payments gives you less surprises in your budget and generates better cash-flow for your school.

To attract new students in a competitive landscape, colleges and universities are constantly evaluating existing offerings and exploring new academic programs to increase enrollment. Schools are often challenged by the investments required to support these programs prior to realizing the revenue that is generated. Funding solutions that align new program expenses to future enrollment revenue helps stabilize cash-flow and accelerate new program investments.

As more students enroll in science and health careers, schools are creating new programs to meet those needs. Often, when a new program is introduced, the existing facilities are not equipped to support the new program. By proactively investing in equipment - such as medical and lab equipment - to support new programs, schools are better equipped to attract students and grow enrollment.

Fitness Equipment

Many students are drawn to a campus by the physical amenities that are in place such as student athletic centers. However, due to wear and tear, equipment in these areas has a short useful life and need to be regularly replaced. By investing in a Fitness Equipment Renewal Program, schools can ensure that their facilities are equipped to meet the needs of 21st century students, while lowering maintenance costs and creating budget consistency.

Athletic Facility Upgrades

Many schools are looking for ways to convert multi-year donations into immediately available funding for critical campus projects, such as athletic facility upgrades. Monetizing future donations by aligning project repayment to contributions as they are received, gives schools the ability to realize the immediate benefits of starting key projects today.

Aging infrastructure is a challenge every school faces. When trying to prioritize deferred maintenance projects that will have the most significant impact, energy upgrades are a good place to start. Updating to more energy-efficient equipment often produces savings that can be used to fund the project, creating a cash-flow neutral or shared savings scenario that produces a return on investment.

Deferred Maintenance

Proactively investing in campus improvements not only eliminates the backlog of projects, but it also significantly reduces the amount of money needed for long-term repairs. For schools that don't have capital budgeted, interest-only payments during the installation with simple, fixed rate financing can be a great alternative to deferring.

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