Support Sustainable Initiatives

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

In today’s business environment, nearly all organizations recycle their unused technology equipment. But, it may be difficult to reduce the amount of I.T. equipment deployed in a growing organization like yours. Equipment leasing may be the green answer. A lease-based refresh cycle will optimize your school with the latest technology and ensure your competitive position through the use of I.T., all while minimizing your long-term carbon footprint.

How? By leasing your I.T. equipment, you can strategically acquire the most modern technology available and ensure that once you’re done with it, your equipment is reused in the U.S. economy. First American offers custom leasing solutions to support your sustainability initiatives. At the end of your lease, we redeploy off-lease assets through our re-sale markets. The equipment you return remains in service to help other businesses grow. Leasing with First American is the conscientious choice, for both the environment and your continued growth and success.

Visit our stories section to see how we have helped other schools support sustainability initiatives on their campuses.

Address Budget Constraints

Acquire equipment with a short useful life at a price that is lower than the cost of purchase.

Invest in Future Growth

Building a strong future starts with enabling an environment where students can learn and grow.

Manage Technology Lifecycles

Strategic financing provides schools with a way to keep technology current and meet students' needs.