Addressing Challenges of New 1:1 Program

Success Story: St. John's College HS


Located in the competitive Washington D.C. market, St. John’s College High School knows it is critical to embrace current technology to help better educate students. However, with recent plans to roll out a new 1:1 technology program, it faced two key challenges in providing Apple iPads to students; 1) how to implement the program without charging additional fees or raising tuition costs, and 2) how to develop a framework for the program that provided the flexibility to continue to embrace new technology in the future.

First American Education Finance worked with St. John’s to develop a customized leasing strategy for its 1:1 iPad program. “Even though through donations and fiscal planning we had the money to purchase the iPads upfront, we still chose to lease because over the longer period of time, leasing is the far better option for us,” says President Jeffrey Mancabelli of St. John’s decision to lease the technology. By spreading out the cost of the program over two years, St. John’s did not have to raise tuition to implement the program. Additionally, at the end of the two years, the school is able to return the old technology to First American and get new iPads for students through the sustainable technology refresh cycle.

"By using First American, we were able to figure out a way to keep the costs controlled within the tuition. "- Jeffrey Mancabelli, President

This approach created a new solution for the school to ensure that they have a plan in place to refresh the technology every two years so its students are better prepared for the future.



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"I have found that students are much more excited about learning due to the fact that we are using more technology in the classroom."

Shannon Egan
Dean of Academics, Spanish Teacher

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