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Success Story: Saint James School


The Saint James School knows that to be innovators in education, they need to keep their technology current so that they are able to prepare their students for the future. Leasing provides them the opportunity to acquire the technology they need in order to really engage students in the classroom. Partnering with First American has helped make their program a success by planning ahead and giving them a resource they can turn to for all of their technology needs.

"We decided on First American and that's why our program is such a success here." - Leigh Copeland, Director of Technology



Private K-12 School


FMV Lease

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Saint James School

"First American is the company we looked to. We knew they had a great reputation, we knew they had worked with a number of other schools. It was clear they were interested in who we were, how we were doing things and they wanted to accommodate us as a school."

Melba Richardson
Head of School