Key Facilities Metrics Survey

Presented by APPA and NACUBO

APPA/NACUBO Key Facilities Metrics Survey: 5 Key Metrics Every Business Officer Should Know


First American Education Finance is proud to sponsor the NACUBO / APPA Key Facility Metrics Survey.

2015-16 Survey Results

Results are in for the 2015–16 APPA/NACUBO Key Facilities Metrics Survey, and we have compiled the summary data from the survey. This 2015–16 survey consisted of answers from 329 campuses—up 49 percent from the survey's inception in 2013–14. Participants are from institutions of all sizes and from various regions. Our hope is that you utilize this research as a useful tool to help learn and plan on your own campus.

Click here to access the results from the 2015-16 Key Facilities Metrics Survey!

Using the Survey to Add Value

Watch this video to see how South Dakota State University is using the Key Facilities Metrics survey to advance their sustainability initiatives on campus.

Previous Survey Results

Click here to access the results from the 2014-15 Key Facilities Metrics Survey.

Participate in the 2016-17 Survey

To participate in the 2016-17 Key Facilities Metrics Survey, click here for more information. If you have further questions on the survey content, please contact NACUBO staff Sally Grans Korsh at


About the Key Facilities Metrics Study: 

Understanding how efficiently your school operates compared to similar sized institutions is more important now than ever. That's why industry leaders NACUBO (National Association of College and University Business Officers) and APPA [Leadership in educational facilities] are collaborating to raise awareness over some basic  metrics through the Key Facilities Metrics Study. The goal is for campus finance and facilities professionals to be in alignment on a handful of five important (and reletively simple) annual consumption metrics that come from vendor or utility bills—energy BTU, water, waste, electrical, and carbon footprint.

Initiated by NACUBO’s Sustainability Advisory Panel (SAP), the Key Facilities Metrics Survey provides specific data points finance and facilities leaders can use to plan, develop strategic decisions, and operate the campus more efficiently, with the goal of making improvements from one year to the next. This simple assessment provides a framework to measure your energy and utility expenditures. Completing the brief 6-question assessment helps identify potential opportunities for cost savings and sustainability improvements at your school in the areas of energy, water, carbon footprint, waste and electrical.

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* Based on estimated 4.5 million sq. ft. and $1.25 - $1.55/sq. ft for all utilities and $3.10 operational costs.* Based on estimated 4.5 million sq. ft. and $1.25 - $1.55/sq. ft for all utilities and $3.10 operational costs.

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