Healthcare Information Technology


Cloud Technology:

Healthcare organizations are moving their software, platforms, and infrastructure to Cloud computing to gain quick access to computing and large storage facilities, and enhance technologies related to integrated care, patient safety, point-of-care access to demographic and clinical information, and clinical decision support.
Technology commonly financed:

  • Methods of access: iPads, Desktops, Laptops, Chromebooks

  • Core building infrastructure: Network switches, Wireless access points

  • IT: WAN and storage accelerators. SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems, Next generation firewalls, Palo alto networks, Threat prevention platforms, Data encryption systems, Data loss prevention systems, Mobile device management systems, Data Auditing Systems

Data Security:

To ensure that up-to-date cyber attack prevention measures are in place, healthcare facilities are using financing and leasing to upgrade technology on a routine cycle. Leasing is the most cost effective solution for this proactive strategy. Sticking with old, familiar technology can leave your health system vulnerable to security threats.
Technology commonly financed: Servers, firewalls



Many healthcare organizations are replacing their initial EMR/EHR system to increase security, save charting time and increase accuracy. Implementation and training can be costly and systems must share data to avoid overlapping functionality. 
Technology commonly financed: Computers, laptops, tablets, Software, Scanners, Servers, Data security, Infrastructure, Wireless device interfaces within beds, ventilators, physiological monitors, cabling, wireless infrastructure, and bandwidth

End User Devices:

End user devices have become crucial to healthcare organizations’ communication strategy. Mobile devices, ipads, and remote monitoring tools all give physicians, staff, and patients access to the most current data and the ability to share real time data with the entire healthcare team.
Technology commonly financed: iPads, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Software, Smartwatches



With the dramatically changing technology, healthcare organizations need to invest in their infrastructure to support virtualized environments, streamline operations, and implement new remote monitoring tools and telehealth solutions. Having a robust infrastructure will boost efficiency, secure privacy measures, and save costs.
Technology commonly financed: Servers, firewalls, copper and fiber-optic cabling, routers, equipment racks, LAN ports, power supply

IT Refresh:

Spending on health IT is growing rapidly to meet changing demands. More and more healthcare financial executives are turning to leasing and financing to fund HIT projects to save money, preserve cash, and lock in fixed, low rate financing with no fees
Technology commonly financed: EHR implementation, PHI/data security, SaaS, CDI, PACS, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Routers, Wireless access points, Data storage, Servers, Telemedicine carts, Implementation & training, Software


At First American Healthcare Finance, we specialize in financing technology projects. We have the ability to consolidate financing for multiple vendors and service providers into one lease or payment, thereby covering 100% of your technology project’s costs. We will work within your budget constraints to accelerate implementation and give your organization the technology resources to remain competitive in a constantly changing environment. 

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