Cash Reimbursement 

Raise Capital While Maintaining Use of Your Assets

Cash Reimbursement

Cash Reimbursement

At the end of a fiscal quarter, and especially at the end of a fiscal year, utilizing a cash reimbursement with First American can help your organization:

  • Term Out Your Line of Credit Balance
  • Strengthen Surplus Position
  • Preserve Debt Exposure with Your Primary Bank
  • Consolidate Capital Acquisitions Onto One Lease

How Does It Work?

In a cash reimbursement, also known as an equipment sale-and-leaseback, you sell your equipment to a lessor, and the lessor reimburses the organization 100% of the original purchase price of your equipment. You continue the use of your equipment and use the cash for:

  • Growth Initiatives
  • Strategic Projects
  • Paying Off Your Line of Credit
  • Future Economic Turbulence

In addition to equipment – software, services, and build-out expenses are also eligible for cash reimbursement.

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