Office & Facility Financing

Finance 100% Of Your Facility Renovations

Whether you are installing new ventilations systems to ensure product safety, modifying the shop floor to improve efficiency, or building a brand new facility to launch a new product, a customized finance arrangement can help your organization grow and manage complex facility projects while limiting production interruptions. 
From tax savings benefits to project simplification, First American has adept experience working with manufacturers to finance facility upgrades and build-outs. We can provide customized solutions - from the straightforward purchase of computers and furniture to the complicated design and construction process of multifaceted, multi-location build-out projects. Our lease structures are designed to allow you to finance the entire project, including implementation costs.

Leasing Benefits

  • Improve Tax Efficiency
  • Distribute Costs Over Time
  • Finance 100% of Costs
  • Budget Consistency
  • Finance Costs From Multiple Vendors

Common Facility Projects

  • Technology Upgrades
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Electrical & Utility Upgrades
  • Office Renovations (Furniture & Fixtures)
  • Production Facility Upgrades
  • Warehouse Modifications
  • Safety Upgrades

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