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4 Important Lessons from the ADSO Summit

4 Important Lessons from the ADSO Summit


Building a culture, going digital, investing in tech – these were some of the key themes discussed at the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) Annual Summit – and all topics you are bound to hear a lot more about in the year ahead. Whether you are looking to integrate digital experiences into your delivery model or determining if you have adequate systems in place to scale, we compiled our top four insightful takeaways from the summit so you don’t miss a beat.


1) Embrace the Digital Patient Experience

With a smartphone in every pocket, consumers are beginning to expect digital-enabled ease, speed and efficiency in all aspects of life, including a trip to the dentist. This concept was a focus during the Opening General Session featuring the CEO Panel and carried throughout the conference.

Practices should be thinking about the way they deliver services end-to-end from the consumer's perspective. The old method of calling the office during business hours to book an appointment months out will not work in the future. Consumers want to connect digitally when it is convenient for them – from booking an appointment and accessing x-ray results, to knowing the cost for the visit and making payment.

Ultimately, integrating digital experiences into your organization can dramatically improve the patient experience and help build loyalty.

2) Net Promoter Score: the KPI You Should be Tracking

During the Developing Performance Indicators session, the audience was asked, “Are you tracking your Net Promoter Score?”



NPS is often considered the gold standard customer experience metric. It measures customer perception based on one simple question:

“How likely is it that you would recommend [Organization X/Product Y/Service Z] to a friend or colleague?”1

Recognizing that patient satisfaction is an important factor for business success, your NPS score serves as a key performance indicator to determine not only how your practice is doing currently, but the potential for future growth. In a field where word-of-mouth marketing is often paramount, are you delivering an experience worthy of promotion?

To learn more about measuring NPS, explore this article by Qualtrics.

3) Create a Culture for Doctors

The focus of the summit was not exclusive to the patient experience. Catering to DSOs and group practices of all sizes, the conference emphasized the immense need for these organizations to establish a desirable workplace culture for their clinicians.

To make available positions desirable to the best doctors, DSOs must work to establish a culture where dentists can come to work and have everything they need at their fingertips. This includes HR support, the latest technology, and marketing plans. Establishing a morning huddle is a great way to create energy and get the day going on a positive note.

Having a robust work culture allows the dentists to focus on what matters most: setting appropriate treatment plans and providing the best patient care. After all, happy doctors create happy patients.

4) Invest First, Scale Second

In the Strategic Growth breakout session, panelist Stephen Thorne of Pacific Dental Services advised attendees to invest in technology and infrastructure ahead of growth.

Why? Making decisions early and having established systems in place provides a solid foundation to scale your business. DSO leaders should be considering not only the technology and infrastructure equipment needed to bring them into the future, but also software and security. The world is changing very quickly – and you want to position your organization to stay ahead of the curve, instead of scrambling to catch up.

The Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) is a non-profit organization comprised of more than 60 member companies and more than 150 industry partners. ADSO members enable supported dentists to focus on their patients and expand access for dental care while maintaining the highest standards of business and professional ethics. To learn more about ADSO and the Annual Summit, visit

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