Manage Technology Lifecycles

Manage Technology Lifecycles

Is your school considering a new program? Strategic financing provides the perfect way for schools to keep technology current and provide students with what they need. With any shorter-life asset, from athletic equipment to dormitory furniture, HVAC systems to lab equipment, leasing or financing can provide a sound, sustainable budget structure for schools. Putting a proper lease structure in place with technology though, has made all the difference for many of our clients in the education world.

When you purchase technology, not only do you pay more in equipment cost, but support and repair costs pile up the longer you own the equipment. When schools can again afford to purchase new equipment, they must find something to do with the old equipment, using their resources to either remarket the technology—something few schools are equipped to do properly.

Leasing eliminates all of these added costs. It is a strategic solution that removes maintenance fees, keeps technology current, provides for end-of-lease remarketing of equipment, and ultimately costs less than the cost of purchasing technology outright.

Pilot New Technology

By nature, technology will always be evolving at a rapid pace. And so too, must educational institutions. To remain competitive and provide the best education for students, schools must adopt, teach, and utilize the most current technology—not sitting back and waiting to see what stands the test of time.

The right leasing solution can help schools stay on the leading edge of technological developments in education, but without the upfront capital expense, or commitment of owning technology that may quickly become replaced by something new.

First American can help schools stay on the cutting edge of technology, but we also assist other schools with financial strategy that simply keeps them from falling behind. Current technology is a necessity to attract the modern student, and it may be easier than you think to keep up.

Visit our stories section to see how we have helped schools across the country manage their technology needs.


Address Budget Constraints

Acquire equipment with a short useful life at a price that is lower than the cost of purchase.

Invest in Future Growth

Building a strong future starts with enabling an environment where students can learn and grow.

Support Sustainable Initiatives

Support sustainability initiatives, reduce campus waste and promote efficiency across your entire organization.

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