Put cash back on your books at the end of the fiscal year while maintaining use of your assets. 

Ways Businesses have leveraged Sale and Leaseback Structures

  • Growth initiatives 
  • Strategic projects
  • Debt reduction
  • Strengthen cash position on balance sheet
  • Replenish your CapEx budget


What is a Sale-and-Leaseback? Simply put: equipment purchased with cash in the last 12 months may be sold to First American, and then leased back to your company. This Sale-and-Leaseback transaction is a financial strategy that strengthens your cash position -- while still allowing you to use your assets.  This simple solution can help your organization: 

  • Maintain debt ratings 

  • Avoid bank covenant violations

  • Improve liquidity rates

  • Consolidate capital acquisitions onto one lease

How it Works

Send your receipts to
First American

First American completes
a credit review

Receive 100% of the original
purchase price of the equipment

Explore how the Sale-and-Leaseback solution from First American can give your business a competitive advantage. 

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