Are you maximizing your IT budget?

Here's why you should be:
Hidden Costs of Aging IT


Aging technology saps resources and slows down business. The pressure to do more with less, cut costs, and improve efficiency continues to build—yet you must innovate and remain competitive.

An IT refresh program could be the strategic tool you need to stay ahead in today’s competitive environment.


Benefits of a Technology Refresh Cycle


With a Fair Market Value leaseoften known as an Operating Lease, you can easily refresh your technology on a regular basis and save costs.

This approach enables you to acquire the hardware and software you need, while only paying for the use of the equipment. 

IT Refresh Solutions, Simplified 

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, the only way to stay on the cutting edge is by acquiring new technologies as they become available. An FMV Lease gives you low monthly payments and a range of options to keep your firm up-to-date with the equipment you need. 



Spend Less

Rent the equipment you need for less
than today‘s cash purchase price. 

Gain Predictability

Replace the budget spikes of cash-based
financing with fixed, predictable payments.

Stay Ahead

Avoid obsolescence & reduce ongoing
  IT maintenance with a refresh program. 

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