Build-Outs | Renovations | Expansions

A workplace that has it all needs the financing to do it all.


First American can help you create an extraordinary workplace. We build custom financing solutions
to fit your needs, combining all costs into one straightforward lease. Our full-solution financing options for office renovations 
and expansions are tailored to meet your business objectives—from project simplification and budget consistency, to tax savings and accounting benefits.


Distribute Costs

Align the cost of the equipment with its use and evenly distribute buildout cost per year.

Why shoulder 100% of the costs today when the tax benefits will be realized over time? A lease can help balance your cash flow while minimizing your tax expenses. 

Finance 100% of Costs

First American can finance all collateral involved, including installation and construction costs.

A lease line of credit can include all expenses related to a build-out, including soft costs. Expenses such as architectural fees, construction, wiring and cabling, audio-visual setup and carpeting can all be included in a lease along with furniture and fixtures.

Improve Tax Efficiency

Expensing rental payments can create a greater tax shield than depreciation, resulting in a reduced tax burden.

Lease payments are recorded on your income statement, which means they are tax-deductible operating expenses. 

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Finance 100% of Your Expansion or Renovation


Leasing Benefits

  • Improve tax efficiency
  • Distribute costs over time
  • Finance 100% of costs
  • Budget consistency
  • Finance costs from multiple vendors

Commonly Leased Equipment

  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Installation costs
  • Construction costs
  • Lighting
  • Telephone systems



ENR 100 / ARCH 200


Lease structure preserved
cash flow for M&A activity, additional staffing, and
other growth initiatives.

$3 million



A complete office buildout program in excess of TI allowance, which provided greater financial flexibility
for partners.

$8.2 million

ENR 100 / ARCH 200


Headquarter office space
expansion with FAR-compliant
lease structure and 15-month
rate lock option.

$7 million


ENR 400


Financing provided project simplification to lessen
the disruption in the firm.
The lease structure
provided enhanced cash
flow for the business.




Furniture lease provided competitive alternative to traditional financing offered by primary bank.




Reimbursement lease
for furniture and
construction services
allows the firm to preserve capital for M&A activity.

$1 million