Chapter 3: An Era of Evidence

2017 Peer Discussion after NACUBO

Designing the Liberal Arts Institution of the Future

We are in an era of evidence, which higher ed historically has not done well in because it wasn't asked to prove it's value. Because of this, what are the biggest truths that higher education needs to answer today? This topic was explored in the newly released 2017 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College and University Business Officers and at the 2017 Peer Discussion Event after NACUBO, hosted by First American Education.

Moderated by Doug Lederman, editor and co-founder of Inside Higher Ed, the event featured a panel of three innovative Presidents that explored this topic and others, taking business officers out of the weeds to talk at a higher-level about the state of higher education. Click on the video highlights to see more from the event.

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Disruptive Predictions

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Financial Transformation

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A Shifting Business Model

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Evolving Role of the CBO

"I think we have to be very careful about what kind of evidence is meaningful. Some things
are not susceptible of quantification, and we have to be willing to say that."

Dr. S. Georgia Nugent, President Emerita, Kenyon College

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