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Convert Multi-Year Donations into Available Funding

When it comes to large projects, cash-flow is often a challenge at many colleges and universities. As a result, schools are turning to capital campaigns to generate additional revenue and stabilize cash-flow. However, just because a school runs a capital campaign, doesn't necessarily mean they have the capital required to start key projects now. To address this challenge, many schools are looking for ways to convert multi-year donations into immediately available funding for critical campus projects, such as athletic facility upgrades.

Monetize future donations by aligning project repayment to contributions as they are received, giving schools the ability to realize the immediate benefits of starting key projects today.


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Using Cash-Flow Neutral Funding...

Success Story: Adelphi University

Adelphi University recently implemented a new co-generation central heating plant and utilized a unique funding solution that gave them...

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Using Cash-Flow Neutral Funding for Energy Projects

Aligning Incoming Donations to...

Success Story: Houston Baptist University

Aligning incoming donations to financing payments allowed HBU to complete critical campus projects now instead of deferring them.

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Aligning Incoming Donations to Finance Projects Now

Addressing Cash-Flow Challenges...

Performance Hall Renovations

For a prestigious arts school in NYC, funding major renovations to its main performance hall had significant cash flow implications. The...

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Addressing Cash-Flow Challenges of Fundraising for Campus Improvement Projects

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