Deferred Maintenance Upgrades

Accelerating Deferred Maintenance by Proactively Investing in Campus Improvements

As competition for new students and faculty grows, schools feel the pressure to invest in their aging campuses. However, maintaining the physical appearance and functionality of a school campus is easier said than done. Schools struggle to balance tightening budgets and prioritizing a growing list of projects. Many face deferred maintenance backlogs that are growing annually. The longer these projects are deferred, the worse they get. To address this, schools are finding new and creative ways to fund these projects, despite tight budgets and limited resources. 

Proactively investing in campus improvements not only eliminates the backlog of projects, but it also significantly reduces the amount of money needed for long-term repairs. For schools that don't have capital budgeted, interest-only payments during the installation with simple, fixed rate financing can be a great alternative to deferring.

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Using Cash-Flow Neutral Funding for Energy Projects

Finding a Solution for Campus Growth

Success Story: Tabor College

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Aligning Incoming Donations to...

Success Story: Houston Baptist University

Aligning incoming donations to financing payments allowed HBU to complete critical campus projects now instead of deferring them.

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Aligning Incoming Donations to Finance Projects Now

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