Enabling Student Learning Through New 1:1 Program

Success Story: Whitfield School


Whitfield School, a private, independent 6-12 grade school located in suburban St. Louis has been an early adopter of technology for many years. As one of the first schools in the area to implement a 1:1 program, Whitfield understands the value that technology plays in the classroom to provide a better learning experience to its students. Rooted in the mission to empower students to be successful in a rapidly changing environment, Whitfield knows that a regular technology refresh is critical. This required taking a hard look at the way the school was funding the technology program, and exploring options to develop a new model that would better serve the school in the future.  
First American Education Finance worked with Whitfield to transition to a more sustainable IT funding model. Instead of paying for the full value of the device over the course of 4 years, the school pays less than the value for the device over 2 years. This allows the school to be more proactive in supporting their core IT services, by implementing a disciplined, sustainable technology refresh model that will enable the students to have current technology in their hands. Whitfield also was able to utilize the FA Equity, a trade-in program by First American that remarkets the school’s unused technology, allowing them to implement their new program more quickly. First American was able to partner with the school to understand the needs of the school, and created a solution that gave Whitfield a solid foundation for future growth.




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"We saw this as an opportunity to develop a new model that was sustainable from both a financial standpoint and was also flexible enough for us to adapt to meet the needs of our academic program."

Matt DiGiulio
Director of Technology, Whitfield School