New Strategies for Addressing

Deferred Maintenance

Typical Backlog of Deferred Maintenance at a College or University

Deferred maintenance and renovation costs on a campus quickly add up, making it difficult to address all needs in a timely manner. The scenario outlined below depicts a typical situation that many institutions face.

Unique Approach

Utilizing a forward rate lock and lease line, this school can accelerate their ability to address a backlog of key deferred maintenance needs totaling $6MM. Using only the school's existing budget, it would take 8 years to address the entire backlog of deferred maintenance. During which time, critical needs become urgent and potentially more expensive to fix.

By taking a proactive approach, the school can address all of their needs now under a deferred maintenance financing facility and eliminate the risk of incurring higher costs to fix key needs later. A 10-year finance facility would use the existing annual budget as cash-flow to service financing that addresses all maintenance needs now.

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