Refreshing IT to Save Costs + Create Efficiencies


Gaston Family Health Services


Gaston Family Health Services

Gastonia, NC

IT Refresh Program

First American:

  • Refreshes Gaston's computers every 4 years
  • Creates a reasonable payment structure to fit within a provider's budget
  • Understands the cash flow needs of FQHCs
  • Competitive rates, no fees
  • Healthcare expertise
  • Industry leadership
  • Vendor-neutral 
  • Dedicated project manager to work with the provider's vendor

Gaston Family Health Services chose to lease their computers on a 4-year cycle. This allows them to get brand new computers and continue upgrading their infrastructure, but it is set up as a reasonable payment basis which fits within their budget. They now have one model of computer that is used by all employees within their organization and the maintenance of their inventory has been simplified.

"In today's world, computers drive a lot of processes within the organization. That's why we had to take a look at the systems that we had in place and access whether it was really meeting the needs because the patient doesn't know what's behind the scenes. " 

-Senanu Ocloo, Chief Information Officer
Gaston Family Health Services