Secure Your Data

By Upgrading Your Technology on a Routine Cycle

Data Security Breaches Are on The Rise

68 million records exposed in 2014. 132 million records exposed in 2015.1


Cybercriminals evolve with technology, and keeping up is an ongoing struggle.
What can you do to protect your organization's data?


  Be Proactive
  Replace Technology Regularly
  Waiting for a breach to happen and then reacting once the damage is done can be costly.

The total average cost of a data breach is $3.8 million2

  It may seem economical to prolong the life of hardware assets, but ongoing maintenance costs for outdated equipment far exceed the perceived savings. More importantly, aging systems leave you vulnerable to security threats.

To ensure that up-to-date cyber attack prevention measures are in place, technology equipment should be replaced on a disciplined three-year cycle.

Can Routine IT Upgrades Diminish Cyber Security Risks?



First American Can Help

Replacing your technology on a routine cycle will aid data protection and improve management of depreciating equipment. Explore Technology Renewal Programs with First American that will allow you to:

Be Proactive
With a Disciplined I.T.
Refresh Strategy
Decrease Exposure
To a Data Security Breach
Save Money
Leasing Costs Less Than
a Cash Purchase
Eliminate Worry
of Disposing Outdated
Increase Efficiency
Of Your Staff With Access to The Latest Technology

With shorter-term assets like technology, leasing provides a strategic solution for
organizations that is sustainable, predictable, and affordable.



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