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Solar Energy: The Future is Bright…

Solar Energy: The Future is Bright…



As recently as two years ago, U.S. companies and consumers were installing solar energy systems at an unprecedented rate—one every 2 minutes. And this green, renewable energy source continues to expand today, spurred on by an attractive 26% federal tax credit in 2020.

Making the Business Case for Solar

It’s a great time for companies to explore solar to augment their energy sources, especially considering the tax credit is scheduled to dwindle to 10% over the next few years. Companies like Apple, Target and Walmart are leading the way, with the most solar capacity installed. But you don’t have to be an industry giant to get your company up and running.
Despite a decreasing price tag for solar technology, system installation is still a significant upfront investment. If you’re focused on growth, it’s hard to justify a capital investment in solar power when revenue is needed elsewhere.
Even so, it’s wise to take a long-view energy approach. Industry leader British Petroleum predicts a 40% increase in energy demand by 2040. Adding solar to the supply mix will help diversify energy sourcing and could fill an important gap in the event of energy embargoes or high prices in a particular sector.

Accelerate Solar Projects with Financing

The case for solar is clear. The challenge is making an upfront investment that will likely yield long-term benefits. Here’s a way to take advantage of today’s attractive tax credits and invest in a long-term energy strategy without breaking the bank: Budget-neutral financing.

How Budget Neutral Financing Works

It works by aligning lease payments with expected energy savings. This way, your investment is a wash with the savings you’ll achieve. In the right circumstances, this approach could even put you ahead. Bottom line, lease financing for solar power means you avoid the burdensome upfront cash outlay, replaced by a low, fixed monthly payment over time.
Check into financing a solar installation now and reap these important benefits:

  • Substantial expected energy savings

  • Reliable energy source to balance potential market fluctuations of other sources

  • Predictable monthly cost

  • Free up capital for important growth initiatives

  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to a sustainable future

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