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Integrity + Smarts

Our Values

At First American, our values are the guiding principles behind everything we do.  
They are the stepping stones that help us work to become the company that we aim to be as described in our Vision. 

Be Positive

At First American, being positive means more than a smile on your face. Colleagues shared that to them, it means "creating a fun, yet productive work environment" and "being approachable so that others can look to you as a resource". 

Earn Relationships

Earning relationships, both internal and external, means becoming a team of people that others can trust, and depend on to provide solutions they truly need, instead of assuming what they want to hear.  

Strive for Excellence

One colleague shared that striving for excellence to him meant, "committing yourself to excellence on the small daily items, and holding your self to a high standard on everything... excellence will follow in a big way."

Take Action

First American embraces and drives innovation in our own practices and seeks to help our clients implement projects that do the same. This means being a self-starter, taking on tasks outside of your day-to-day and following them through to completion.