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New Technology? What Happens to Your Old Equipment?

New Technology? What Happens to Your Old Equipment?


Shiny new technology. It’s the best office supply there is. This equipment will make the organization work faster, better, stronger! Exciting stuff.
But disposing of that old technology can pose hidden dangers. Thanks to the internet of things, nearly everything in your organization with a cord or battery stores confidential data in some way, shape, or form. Once that data leaves your office – what happens? If it falls into the wrong hands, your organization may be at risk. Fortunately, there is a solution: data sanitization.
A Department of Defense-level data wipe helps ensure that your sensitive information has been removed from the device. Be sure to obtain a Certificate of Data Destruction to ensure it has been done properly.
Once the equipment is wiped clean, then what happens? The next challenge is logistics. Equipment packaging, pick-up and shipping is a hassle. Be sure to find a reputable logistics company that is familiar with technology equipment.
Computers, monitors, printers and other technology equipment can be easily damaged. Proper handling is required, no matter how the items are packaged. To be sure, appropriate packaging is essential to prevent damage during shipping. Choose durable materials, pad the items, and prevent the contents from moving during shipment.
Cardboard boxes and Styrofoam peanuts can be problematic with high tech items. Boxes can fall apart and Styrofoam peanuts may disintegrate and allow items to move during shipping. Parts bumping into each other is a common cause of shipping damage, which is not good news if you are reselling your items, or returning them to your lessor at the end of the lease term.
Palletizing and shrink wrapping is an efficient and effective method for packaging monitors, notebooks, towers, and other technology equipment. Each item should be tightly wrapped with 2-4 inches of bubble wrap. Layers should be separated with additional bubble wrap and cardboard. Pallets should be banded in both directions and shrink wrapped. Note that some logistics companies require that palletized freight be stackable. Check with your vendor before packaging your equipment.
If you leased your equipment with First American Equipment Finance, First American can arrange logistics services for you.
Beyond that, you can help your organization reach its sustainability goals with environmentally friendly disposal. Again, choose a reputable company and insist on a detailed list of serial numbers from the recycled assets to ensure the work was done properly. You can also obtain a certificate of proper destruction.  
Regular refreshing of technology is a major benefit to organizations and employees. When it is time to change, a proper preparation now can save a lot of headaches later.

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