Dental Equipment Financing

Customized Financing for the Equipment You Need to Run Your Business

Updating the equipment in your practice can help you deliver higher quality dental care, faster — all while creating a better experience for your patients. Financing your equipment allows you to stretch your budget dollars further and complete timely projects now instead of delaying them another year.

Updated Dental Equipment

      Commonly Leased Projects

  • Dental chairs & delivery systems
  • Cabinetry & consoles
  • Mechanical room equipment
  • X-ray & imaging equipment
  • Sterilization equipment

Embrace Innovation Through Customized Financing Solutions


New technologies may help you expand your service offering and gain a competitive edge, but the upfront capital investment can prove challenging. Keep your practice on the forefront of innovation with customized financing solutions designed to meet your budget requirements and manage cash flows, all while providing access to the latest technologies driving advancement in your field.

      Commonly Leased Projects

  • Digital restoration systems
  • In-office milling
  • Cameras
  • Imaging systems & scanners
  • Software

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Technology Renewal Programs

Renovations & New Facility Outfits