Education First

First American's Commitment to Help Evolve Education

As a financing company that exclusively serves education, we dedicate ourselves every day to helping schools across the country. Our passion for education, however, goes beyond our work to help schools grow and accomplish their goals. Through Education First, we strive to make a meaningful and positive impact on education in local communities across the country. By involving our clients in the process, a unique opportunity is created to express our appreciation to the relationships that make it all possible.

"Words cannot express the heartfelt thanks that I have at this time for making this possible! I began the school year with a goal for my students to put books in their hands to really open their world to reading and to love it. This is a dream come true and my heart is truly full.”
- Elementary School Teacher in Columbia, SC

Over 50,000+
Students Impacted

More than 530
Schools Served


560+ Teachers



Over 600
Projects Funded


250+ Clients



Education First: A  Program Dedicated to Positively Impacting Education

We are proud to work with to donate to classroom projects that will directly impact students. With the help of our clients, Education First has helped thousands of students in hundreds of classrooms across the country.

What Clients Say About Education First:

"I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to give back to a community.  I actually donated to a Chicagoland charter school and the gift was matched by Google, so through First American, a gift had double the value!  This is a great program, and a great way to recognize your values and your clients."

- Dominican University

What Students Say About Education First: