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When making financial decisions, strategic financing can be one of the most tactical approaches in your arsenal, helping schools save money and balance budgets. It also allows institutions to stay current with things like technology, and can even improve learning outcomes. We know each school faces different budget challenges, so we take the time to understand your individual project needs. If cash flow is limited or if it is more strategic to keep your cash for other purchases, financing can be a great way to spread payments out over a few years for projects that need to be done today. See why more than 800 schools have selected First American for their critical campus project needs.

Customized Financing Solutions for All Project Types


To stay competitive and attract new students, IT services must continue to find new ways to meet higher student expectations, which is not a simple task. With high pressure and limited resources, it is critical to establish a good foundation of support for core services that allow growth and access to the latest, most innovative technology for students. Technology Renewal Programs take a proactive and comprehensive approach to IT services by adding consistency and predictability to technology upgrades, creating technology equality for students, faculty, and staff.

Software systems pose a challenge for schools due to the large, upfront costs and constant maintenance required. Evaluating financing options can help address the short-term budget constraints caused by a long and costly implementation process, allowing software (i.e. ERP systems, licensing fees, etc.) to be an affordable investment. We help schools address budget constraints often associated with major software system upgrades by allowing them to create budget consistency, accelerate implementation timelines, and take advantage of prepaid licensing discounts.

We know that maintaining facilities with the latest research equipment is important to attract and retain faculty and students. Evaluating financing options can help schools obtain immediate funds for equipment to accelerate research initiatives today. We help schools advance their research programs by allowing them to align funding to future grands, obtain immediate access to capital, and manage equipment life cycles.

Athletic Equipment & Facility Upgrades

Many schools are looking for ways to convert multi-year donations into immediately available funding for critical projects, such as athletic facility upgrades. Monetizing future donations by aligning project repayment to contributions as they are received, gives schools the ability to realize the immediate benefits of starting key projects today. By taking a proactive approach, schools can ensure that their facilities are equipped to meet the needs of every student and are not in a constant state of repair.

Schools across the country are focused on building sustainable, more energy-efficient campuses that are prepared to address the challenges of the future. Many schools are putting energy initiatives and climate commitments at the heart of their campus master plans in order to accomplish their long-term sustainability goals. Updating to more energy-efficient equipment often produces savings that can be used to fund the project, creating a cash-flow neutral or shared savings scenario that produces a return on investment.

Deferred Maintenance

Proactively investing in school improvements not only eliminates the backlog of projects, but it also significantly reduces the amount of money needed for long-term repairs. However, balancing tight budgets and a growing list of key projects is a significant challenge. For schools that don't have capital budgeted, interest-only payments during the installation with simple, fixed rate financing can be a great alternative to deferring.

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