Lease Line

A strategic capital planning tool

Equipment upgrades and replacements are inevitable. Identifying potential financing partners, soliciting proposals, conducting due diligence and analyzing financing terms for each and every project is too time-consuming. Instead, many organizations choose a lease line of credit to save time and simplify their process.

This pre-approved credit facility can be used to fund various projects over a period of time. Lease lines eliminate the need to conduct due diligence on every project. You make one decision on a lease line rather than many decisions for many projects.


100% Project Financing

Rather than paying for your capital equipment with a large initial capital investment and paying maintenance costs each year thereafter, a lease line allows you to finance the entire solution by bundling all project costs into one single, fixed monthly payment.


No-Fee Lease Line

We believe in providing straightforward, simple contracts with no fees - no setup fees, no non-use fees, no renewal fees, no restocking fees, and no term out fees. With First American's lease line, you will pay no fees of any kind.


Transparency & Professionalism

Clear, unambiguous lease documents. Prompt responses to inquiries. Dedicated professionalism in all aspects of our leasing services. By making customer satisfaction our primary business objective, First American has earned a 96% audited customer satisfaction rating.