Are you thinking critically about your
mission-critical infrastructure?

Here's why you should:
Hidden Costs of Aging IT


An aging IT infrastructure consumes more of your resources than new, innovative equipment. An estimated 70% of a firm's total IT expenses are devoted to operations and maintenance.

As the IT infrastructure grows and ages, these costs continue to increase, reducing the resources available to support other business development and innovation.


Benefits of a Technology Refresh Cycle


As the technology requirements for your firm become more complex, it makes financial sense to try to alleviate operational costs by utilizing a financing strategy.

Leasing allows you to evaluate your equipment on a recurring cycle while providing a predictable and consistent budget. 



Total Project Financing For Your Mission-Critical Infrastrucutre

With the demand for tech infrastructure evolving faster than ever, there is a need for a consistent and understandable IT budget. Collaborating with a finance provider to share the risk created by life-cycle shifts and advancements in technology is integral
to a more productive, agile and efficient IT investment strategy.

First American provides lease-finance services for the entire spectrum of data center
and infrastructure-related projects, including:


+ Servers
+ Cabling
+ Firewalls
+ Switches
+ Fire Suppression System
+ Build-outs 
+ Storage
+ HVAC/Chillers
+ Racking Systems
+ Consulting & Implementation 
+ Uninterruptable Power Supply
+ Prepaid Maintenance & Technical Support

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