Technology Financing

Make Technology A Strategic Asset

Not a drain on your resources.

Waves of new technologies have been coursing through the manufacturing industry and are rapidly transforming manufacturer’s design, production, and operational capabilities and processes.
Obsolescence is not the only concern when it comes to technology; unfortunately, technology is also expensive to own. With an FMV lease, your company can regularly refresh its infrastructure and technology equipment. Beyond that — First American absorbs the risk of technology obsolescence. By refreshing regularly, your organization takes a proactive approach by adding consistency and predictability to technology upgrades.

Leasing Benefits

  • Proactive Technology Strategy
  • Reduce Costs, Consistent Budget
  • Eliminate End of Useful Life Complexities
  • Budget Consistency
  • Manage Increasing Bandwidth Demands
  • Reduce Risk of Service Interruptions

Commonly Leased Assets

  • Computers (Laptops, PCs, Tablets)
  • Sensors
  • Robotics
  • 3D Printers
  • RFID Equipment
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Network Security
  • Servers

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