Pre-revenue Program

Looking to establish your company's credit history?

Consider a Cash-secured Lease 


Your Challenge

For certain companies in the pre-revenue phase, access to cash is not an issue – but lack of credit history is. Unfortunately, paying cash for important capital investments such as new equipment will not help grow your history. Establishing a banking relationship and demonstrating a record of borrowing are both vital for future growth and continued success. 

Our Solution

First American works with you to help you achieve your financial goals. When making investments in equipment, software, services or build-outs, consider a cash-secured lease: cash is placed in an FDIC-insured account with our parent company, City National Bank, and then pledged as support to the lease agreement. Not only does this help your company establish a banking relationship, but you keep any accrued interest and there are no penalties for early pay-off. We also report your company's payment history to help you build credit.


  • Establish a banking relationship and start building credit
  • Obtain highly competitive rates for cash-secured leases
  • Avoid early pay-off penalties

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