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Painless Technology Transitions

Painless Technology Transitions


Planning for new technology? Many organizations are. The great thing about new office equipment is enjoying the speed, flexibility, and capabilities of the new technology. The not-so-great thing about new office equipment is the transition period between when you unplug your existing machines, until you plug in your new machines.

If you paid with cash, the equipment is yours to keep, including cleaning the data and recycling or reselling the equipment. If you leased your equipment, the equipment ownership lies with your commercial leasing company, and for that reason, they can and should help you with the transition.

Tip # 1: Decommissioning 

[Data Sanitization]  These days, even the most mundane office technology may contain sensitive data. A Department of Defense-level wipe ensures that your sensitive information has been removed before you donate or resell your equipment. A Certificate of Data Destruction should be obtained for your records following the data wipe procedure. 

[Recycling] For assets that cannot be re-commissioned, be sure to dispose of the items in a manner consistent with your organization’s sustainability initiatives and local recycling and disposal regulations. Don’t know what local disposal regulations are? An R2 Certified lessor like First American can assist you with this process, and also provide you with a certificate indicating that the machines have been properly recycled. R2 Certification is the industry standard for recycling and green initiatives.

[Logistics] It is important to select a carrier that specializes in technology equipment for your equipment packaging, pick-up, and shipping services. Your lessor should be able to recommend competent and cost-effective carriers in your area.

Tip # 2: Packing and shipping

Choosing a technology-friendly transporter will help ensure that monitors, printers, and other technology equipment is returned safely. Also, before you start packing, find out from your logistics company whether they require stackable pallets.

When you are ready to begin, please remember that proper packaging does matter. Choose durable packing materials, pad the items, and be sure the contents will not shift during the shipment. Unfortunately, cardboard boxes and Styrofoam peanuts are unlikely to get
you the results you want. Boxes can fall apart and peanuts may disintegrate and allow items to move during shipping. Parts bumping into each other cause damage to the equipment.

Finally, have your shipping company insure the equipment during shipment. Not only will that protect you from unexpected costs, it means the equipment will be handled appropriately

Tip #3: Use Your Old Equipment to Help Buy New Equipment

At the end of the lease term, you generally have three choices: return the equipment, buy the equipment for its fair market value, or continue to lease.

But a progressive leasing company like First American can help you recover some of the value by reselling your old equipment, as long as it's not currently on lease, and use 100% of the proceeds toward your newly-leased equipment. 



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