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Data Security [What You Need to Know Today]

Data Security [What You Need to Know Today]


“Companies must maintain reasonable procedures to protect sensitive information,” according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
That rule indeed sounds reasonable, but depending on the information your organization “stores, transmits or receives,” you may find your organization held to a higher standard than you anticipated.

[Software + Hardware]

The number of online threats happening around the world – and in our own backyard – is increasing every day. Google has even made a terrifying live and animated map of attacks available at Encryption from security software, firewalls and other tools help to protect sensitive data and resources. To make certain that your organization always has the most up-to-date software and security, it is crucial to implement a disciplined technology refresh cycle. A leasing program can help ensure your business stays on track. Technology-friendly leasing companies like First American can lease the software and other soft costs – as well as the technology equipment and other equipment for security measures. Committing to a leasing cycle can help you stay on track with a regular refresh cycle as well.

[Copier Data Security]

You may not realize it, but today’s photocopiers all have hard drives, meaning that they are essentially computers. However, they are rarely treated as such from a security standpoint.
This consideration is important because the copier
in your office likely stores reams of scanned sensitive data on its hard drive that may be able to be accessed wirelessly.
Consider the hiring process. Bringing a new employee on board includes making copies of social security cards, driver’s licenses, credit reports and background checks. Beyond that, an endless amount of your customers’ data has been scanned and stored on your copier’s hard drive.

How can you secure your data? First, ensure that your office copier has security features, or upgrade to a new copier that has them. A reputable equipment lessor can make it easy for you, and can also ensure a Department-of-Defense level data wipe at the end of the lease – removing that responsibility from your IT team.

[Next Steps]

From software to hardware, constant vigilance and regular upgrades are essential. Also, be aware of all technologies that may be storing personal data. Finally, consider leasing equipment to certify that a thorough and professional data cleansing has been completed at the end of the day. 


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