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Press | Leadership
Lisa Collins, Director of Credit for First American Equipment Finance, was featured in the Rochester Business Journal Special Section cover story about women who lead.

According to the article, the beauty of working for a small firm is that there is more opportunity to work in broader areas, as opposed to larger firms at which roles may be more narrowly focused. This allows women, and men, an opportunity to show leaders what they’re made of.

Others agree.

“First American Equipment Finance was a much smaller company when I started with them,” says Lisa Collins, director of credit for First American Equipment Finance of her nine-year career with the firm. “Working with a smaller company does give you more opportunity to wear more hats and learn a little bit more quickly. If you can get in when they’re growing, you grow with the company.”

Collins says climbing the ladder in finance also is about choosing carefully who you work for and seizing opportunity.

Adds Collins: “What it takes to succeed in any field is to work on continuously improving yourself, put yourself in uncomfortable situations and take risks. Simple things like taking a course or a class in something you’re interested in learning or getting better at. Volunteer to present if your greatest fear is public speaking.”
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