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Student Technology Refresh

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The urgent challenges facing campus IT operations have never been greater. From higher demands and expectations from students, faculty, and staff to shrinking resources that require IT departments to do more with less — the pressures are daunting. That’s why it is more important than ever for schools to consider a proactive long-term strategy to address core IT services.

That is what one school quickly realized along with the growing demands within their school. Ithaca College, a private school located in Upstate New York saw expectations were growing and they needed to find a long-term solution to the challenge of providing access to the most current technology platforms, while making it easier to provide the ongoing support of core IT services. Although they knew these challenges had to be addressed, the school was still facing the growing pressure of reducing costs while streamlining their IT operations. Despite its importance, addressing core services in a more sustainable way requires an ongoing commitment of operational funding for related projects. And, since most capital projects have a significant, continual operational impact, the differential access to funding streams (operating expenses vs. capital expenses) can create significant problems in the development of a long-term funding model for sustaining core services. This required Ithaca’s IT leaders to think differently about their process. The school needed to shift their focus towards addressing the funding of new technology in a more sustainable way. Ithaca sought to develop a funding model that would sustain core technology services over the long-term, and the Ithaca College Technology Renewal Program was born.

"First American has consistently shown that they are all about the relationship, that they are all about the people, and about looking at this as a long-term investment... It's apparent to us, in all of our interactions with First American that they have the long-term view with things, that they’re looking at this as a relationship over time and they try always to do the right thing for the relationship and for us."

David Weil
Director of Enterprise Application Services