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Rand Eye Institute

The Provider:

Rand Eye Institute

Pompano Beach, FL

Renovations, Technology and Medical Equipment Financing

First American:

  • Understands the funding needs of doctors' groups
  • Competitive rates, no fees
  • Healthcare expertise
  • Industry leadership
  • Vendor-neutral 
  • Flexible

Rand Eye Institute is a fast paced business that provides the best care possible to patients. First American is able to support them by providing a simple, flexible, and timely way to access funding.

"One of the key elements has been the financing from First American, because if they weren't there, then we would not be able to do what we do. Just as our staff that works here, each person is a contributor to the whole concept of what the Rand Eye Institute is dedicated for and that's quality, technology, and also as patient advocates." 

-Dr. William Rand, Director
Rand Eye Institute