See what initiatives we've recently funded for our clients within the insurance industry

First American provides leasing & financing for all types of projects. Recently funded initiatives range from
technology & software upgrades to renovations, expansions, and more.

See the recent projects we have funded for our clients:


P&C Carrier
 Full-Suite System 

$5+ million

Tailored a staggered lease structure to accommodate a 3-year implementation
of a new full-suite software system. 


P&C WC Provider
 Office Expansion 

$2.5 million

Financed IT infrastructure, phone system, FF&E, and other related services for
office expanion on various lease terms. 


Life Insurance Co.
 SLB of Software

$4 million

Reimbursed the company the
net book value of software purchases
made in previous years.



Life Insurance Carrier
 SLB of Fixed Assets

$6.4 million

Reimbursed non-admitted assets such
as office furniture, software, and consulting services that were purchased with cash.


Speciality Insurance Broker
 Office Build-Out + IT

$9.2 million

Flexible solution for office build-out & furniture, bundled with IT upgrade including computers, storage, and copiers.


Life Insurance Carrier
 SLB Of Fixed Assets 

$8 million

Reimbursement lease for technology,
storage equipment, and infrastructure for worldwide data center.





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