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Company History

RBC merges with our parent company City National Bank. We begin serving RBC clients.
We became a wholly owned subsidiary of City National Bank. We created a division to serve City National clients. 
Our team established its headquarters in Rochester, NY.
We built First American's foundation on the principle of valuing client and employee loyalty.

They exceeded our expectations. They went out of their way to answer our questions about the best approach to our financial needs. Resourceful, creative and committed -they helped us identify options that were realistic and manageable for a company our size.

When we get a new project that is an opportunity for us to grow, and we can only do that with the help of City National Bank and First American.

First American was very easy, to say the least. We’re all wearing multiple hats here and to reach out to multiple vendors and staying on track with all of them can be very tedious. Just having that one point of contact at First American, it made it a one stop shop.